LEV FESTIVAL closes its lineup

Until 5 May 2019

Latest additions for the 13th edition of the LEV Festival 2019

After presenting a program full of activities, LEV concludes its lineup with the additions of Yamila and Oliver Coates at the Atlantic Botanical Garden, a workshop for the youngest with Skygaze and the Jägermusic Showcase focused on supporting emerging state musical creation with AWWZ and Jay Ferrara.

Yamila and Oliver Coates / Dream session at the Atlantic Botanical Garden

As is usual within the LEV programming, in Edition 13 we return to one of the most charming locations of the festival: the Botanical Garden. Without a doubt it is the most appropriate space to enjoy the sound and conceptual precipices of the Spanish sound artist, cellist and singer Yamila and the very personal proposal of Oliver Coates, which moves on the border between IDM, neoclassical and experimental electroacoustics.

*Activity for which a specific ticket is required.

Yamila has just released Iras Fajro (Forbidden Colors), his debut album in which he summons the strength of electronic sounds against a fragile voice that, at times, unfolds in small choral clusters. The brilliant electronic arpeggios and rhythms dissolve in the velvety sounds of the cello, intertwining with the creativity of two leading collaborators such as Clark and Niño de Elche.

Oliver Coates, renowned chamber musician and frequent collaborator of Steve Reich and Radiohead, published Shelley’s on Zenn-La (RVNG Intl) in 2018, one of the most sublime works of last year and of his career. A kind of experiment in which he develops his most electronically oriented proposal, reminiscent of great moments from the polyhedral Aphex Twin. A complex and beautiful album, loaded with precious details that presents the LEV in an environment as evocative as the Botanical Garden.

Jägermusic Showcase

A collaboration between Jägermeister and LEV Festival provides, for the fourth consecutive year, a Jägermusic showcase, a proposal focused on supporting emerging state musical creation, in which AWWZ will participate, representing Jägermeister’s musical program, and Jay Ferrara, selected by the festival.

In the showcase, which will take place on Saturday, May 4, AWWZ will display live its personal musical universe influenced by Future Beats, Pop and contemporary R&B. Sinuous cadences, velvet vocals and vaporous textures.

Jay Ferrara, alias under which Javier Otero, Asturian musician and producer based in London, performs for the first time alone after a wide career that ranged from indie, post-rock and post-punk of his first bands back at the end of the 90s and early 00s, to the funereal RnB of Futuregold and the funk-infused industrial abstraction of Black Volume, their two most recent collaborative projects. Jay released his first self-titled EP in December 2018 via Mirror Maze Music.

Workshop / Production methods and links between music and architecture with Skygaze

The Youth Office of the Gijón City Council and LEV Festival program a workshop by the Asturian musician Skygaze on the different methodologies in musical production and the relationships between music and architecture.

The workshop, which is aimed at younger people, will be held in the Antigua Cocina de la Laboral, on Saturday, May 4 at 6 pm.

The workshop will be divided into two parts. The first will discuss a series of links that Jaime Tellado has found throughout his professional career between the two disciplines to which he dedicates himself, music and architecture.

The second part will be more didactic in nature and will deal with the different methodologies for producing a song, emphasizing the “sampling” technique as a means of generating the entire process.

He will also share with attendees, based on his own experience, different ways to make a living from music through online platforms.

Date: Saturday 05/04/2019

Schedule: 6 to 7:30 p.m.

Location:Old Laboral Kitchen


Limited places

Festival admission is not necessary to access the workshop.

Registration open until April 25

Age: 18 to 35 years


Apart from the two-day Vouchers, day tickets are now available: Friday and Saturday, and also in the “night only” mode.

Also tickets for specific activities with limited capacity scheduled on Sunday, May 5, such as:

___the performance of Yamila and Oliver Coates at the Botanical Garden

___the programming at the Caja Escénica del Teatro de la Laboral with Rafael Anton Irisarri, Lucas Paris and the Falaises project

Do not miss them!

Tickets available at:https://levfestival.com/19/entradas-gijon/

LEV, an initiative co-produced by the Government of the Principality of Asturias, the Gijón City Council, LABoral Centro de Arte and the Datatrón collective, maintains the concern of continuing to track the evolution of new electronic and audiovisual languages ​​located at the forefront of digital creativity .



Lanark Artefax Live A/V [Whities. UK]

Transforma “Manufactory” (w/ music by Sascha Ring) (Spanish premiere) [DE]

Gazelle Twin “Pastoral” [Anti-Ghost Moon Ray. UK]

Robin Fox “Single Origin” [AU]

Caterina Barbieri w/ Ruben Spini Live A/V (Spanish premiere) [Important Records. ITEM]

Bliss Signal [True Panther Sounds x Profound Lore Records. UK]

Radioactive Man Live [UK]

Myriam Bleau “Ballistics” (Spanish avant-premiere) [CA]

Overmono Live [XL / Polykicks. UK]

Rafael Anton Irisarri [US]

Klara Lewis Live A/V [Editions Mego!. HE]

Oliver Coates [RVNG Intl, UK]

Iglooghost Live A/V [Brainfeeder. UK]

Matthew Biederman & Pierce Warnecke “Delta-T” (world premiere) [US/CA]

Broken English Club Live [LIES UK]

Colin Self [RVNG Intl, US]

Schnitt + Gianluca Sibaldi “ScanAudience” (world premiere) [Sync. ITEM]

Alex Augier & Alba G. Corral “ex(O)” (world premiere) [FR/SP]

Marc Melià [Les Disques du Festival Permanent. SP]

Lucas Paris “AntiVolume IN/EXT” [CA]

Elías Merino & Tadej Droljc “Synspecies” Live A/V (world premiere) [SP/SI]

Hiro Kone Live [Dais. US]

Jailed Jamie [SP]

Falaises (Spanish premiere) [CA]

Yamila [Forbidden Colors. SP]

Jay Ferrara [Mirror Maze. SP]

AWWZ [Galaxxxy Sandwich. SP]


Refik Anadol “Melting Memories: Engram as data sculpture” / Espacio Fundación EDP – Iglesia de la Laboral [TR]

Mathilde Lavenne “Tropics” / Ancient Institute Culture Center [FR]

Skygaze. Workshop: Production methods and links between music and architecture [SP]

+ INFO:https://levfestival.com/19/