LEV 2016

Until 1 May 2016

The Visual Electronics Laboratory, the International Festival of Audiovisual Creation of Gijón, once again takes over, in its tenth edition, the different spaces that make up LABoral Art Center, Laboral City of Culture and the Atlantic Botanical Garden of Gijón


After previous confirmations that include Monolake, who returns to present his new work in one of his very rare live and surround appearances, Robert Lippok, the Canadian Myriam Bleau, the Japanese Hiroaki Umeda with his spectacular Holistic Strat performance, Paul Jebanasam & Tarik Barri, Ametsub and Sunny Graves, LEV adds more names to this edition’s lineup that will arrive in Gijón to show us their new works.

LEV, an initiative co-produced by the Government of the Principality of Asturias, the Gijón City Council, LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial and the Datatrón collective, will once again feature some of the most interesting and risky proposals of international sound and visual creation.


The restless artist Robert Henke presents his new project, an emotional and spectacular audiovisual installation that pays tribute to a small German village called Fall, today submerged under the waters of a reservoir. This installation, housed in the LABoral Art Center, is integrated into the activities of the European Network of Contemporary Audiovisual Creation (ENCAC) on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the LEV

In the 50s of the last century, the town called Fall, in southern Bavaria, slowly disappeared under the overflowing waters of the newly built Sylvenstein reservoir. The installation places the visitor below the water level and places them face down.

Ruins and buildings, illuminated by the flickering light of two lasers, will emerge overhead. The lasers will project lines, geometric shapes, moving organic objects, and sometimes numbers, onto several floating screens of semi-transparent fabric.

The effect recalls the scattered reflections of light on the lake, but also shapes typical of an architectural plan.

As a sonic counterpoint, modified sounds of water, church bells frozen in time and Bavarian folklore songs transformed into distant grainy clouds are added.

The imaginary village of Fall is still alive under the lake, facing the wild nature open to the mountains.


The LEV Festival is characterized not only by addressing current works but also by exploring in search of projects that in some way are already part of electronic sound history. On this occasion we recover Patashnik, the legendary work that Biosphere released in 1994, marking the path of what would later become its characteristic sound and that Geir Jenssen (Biosphere) will develop live at the LEV in a special performance for the 10th anniversary of the festival.


To the previously announced projects by Myriam Bleau and Hiroaki Umeda / S20, new works by one of the artists most appreciated by the festival audience, Herman Kolgen, have now been added; and the French Yro & Sati, with the aim of bringing us closer to what is happening at the forefront of audiovisual performance.

The Canadian artist Herman Kolgen returns to the LEV to present, in collaboration with the Mapping Festival, various works: the premiere of his new project Kathodd; the brand new version of Seismik, v.2, one of the works that has left the greatest mark on the retinas of the festival’s followers, and which Herman premiered here; and the performance Aftershock, with which he will take us to his particular apocalyptic universe.

The French Yro & Sati, for their part, will show us Inside The Black Box, a unique show, a delicate sci-fi film staged live that comes to life both on stage and on the screen. Yro is another of the visual artists who regularly attend the festival due to his uniqueness when it comes to manipulating analog elements live to create digital atmospheres.


Dasha Rush, a Russian artist belonging to the raster-noton team, will surprise us with the live audiovisual Antarctic Takt, developed in collaboration with the visual artist Stanislav Glazov, and which after its premiere at the Atonal in Berlin has only been able to be enjoyed at a few select festivals.

Antarctic TaktIt is inspired by the most remote corners of Antarctica and invites us on a sensory journey to the icy landscapes of the frozen continent.


The German Pole and the Asturian Komatssu left great memories during their time in previous editions of the LEV and that is why they join the list of projects that the Festival recovers in its 10th Anniversary edition.

pole, creator of the scape label, is one of the house’s favorite artists and returns with a new LP under his belt, his first studio work in 8 years: Wald. We are facing a very special project, influenced by his long walks through the forest, divided into three acts and whose structure is inspired by the shapes and verticality of the trees and the tangles they weave with their branches. With Wald, Pole builds a new sound universe full of tension, dub and hazy atmospheres.

On the other hand, Komatssu (Hector Sandoval) will show us his new live that includes all his work produced since 2012, after publishing the album El poso que da el tiempo. Unreleased material, some of the tracks composed especially for the occasion, and new gadgets on stage will give shape to this new live full of emotion and intensity.


DatasetteHe is an artist well known for having developed his own recipe, a mix of computerized funky and analogue electro, which manages to massage your brain while making you move your feet. Based in London and active for over 15 years, he is an avid collector of dark space disco, lethal synth-funk and other gems from hidden music libraries.

Very prolific, but always brilliant, Datassette is one of the most respected electro sound producers outside his country, and his live shows are incendiary.


Jacques Gaspard Biberkopfis a young Lithuanian artist living in Berlin. Influenced by both the existentialist movements of the early 20th century, Grime and musique concrete, his work investigates the paradoxical relationship between conceptual music and club culture.

The tracks on Ecologies, released on Knives, a label founded by Kuedo, are conceived as a journey between representations of nature that emerge in virtual reality landscapes.

JG BiberkopfHe is part of a new wave of unclassifiable artists, full of intensity and emphatically physical, who do not miss a single opportunity to provoke our senses.


The workshop aims to be a space for play and research on video mapping. Over four days, participants in this workshop will learn different software techniques, electronics, LED lighting, video mapping and interactive installations.

Taught by Mike Latona, aka Los Hermanos, visual artist, VJ, mapper, painter and graphic designer. In 2013, he joins the Geneva Mapping Festival team to develop set designs, as well as curating some of the festival’s activities and workshops. Latona is also responsible for the Bam Festival in Liège and MapMap, open video mapping software developed in collaboration with Alexandre Quessy and Sofian Audry.

Addressed to:multimedia creators, programmers and designers. Basic computer knowledge is necessary, in addition to minimal knowledge of video and/or mapping/VJing, although during the workshop there will be a brief introduction to the software used.

Date:April 25, 26, 27 and 28.

Schedule:11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


Registration deadline until April 20, 2016.

Registration fee:50 euros (20% discount with thePlatform 0 annual membership card).

This activity is held within the framework of the LEV Festival and is part of the Activities Program of the ENCAC Network (European Network for Contemporary Audiovisual Creation).


In collaboration with Club Lanna and on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the Festival, the LEV programs two special nights, an opening party on Thursday, April 30, and a closing party on Sunday, May 1.

Some of the artists who are part of the line up of this new edition will join us with special sessions and live shows for the festival’s birthday, such as Robert Lippok (De), Ametsub (Jp), Sunny Graves (Es), Komatssu (Es) and Datassette (Uk); but we will also have new additions such as the first appearance at the festival of Andrea Parker (Uk), the Asturian Roberto Lobo (50% of Fasenuova), presenting his new project live, or Luishock (es), member of the Madrid Post Club.

LEV Festival 2016

VisualX Electronics Laboratory Gijón International Festival of Audiovisual Creation

10th Gijón International Festival of Audiovisual Creation · 10th Anniversary

Monolake Surround 2016 (Imbalance Computer Music, De)

Biosphere presents Patashnik (No)

Robert Lippok presents Sky Machine (raster-noton, De)

Robert Henke presents Fall (De)

Herman Kolgen (Ca)

Pole (Pole Music, De)

Hiroaki Umeda presents Holistic Strata (Jp)

Dasha Rush presents Antarctic Takt in collaboration with visual artist Stanislav Glazov (raster-noton, De)

Paul Jebanasam & Tarik Barri present Continuum live A/V (Subtext Recordings, Uk / Nl)

Myriam Bleau presents Soft revolvers / autopsy: glass (Ca)

Yro & Sati present Inside the Black Box (Fr)

Ametsub (Nothings66 / Blueberry Recordings, Jp)

Sunny Graves A/V (Disboot / Modern Obscure Music, Es)

Datassette (AI, UK)

Komatssu (Es)

JG Biberkopf (Knives,Lt)

Project co-produced by:

Ayuntamiento Gijón nuevo
Gobierno del Principado
LABoral grande 2 líneas