Le Comité – Performance

22th november 2019

Directed by: Daniel Romero

Le Comité (The Assembly) is a science fiction work that mixes multimedia creation, low-budget robotics, electronic music, algorithmic poetry and artificial intelligence in real time. It is the first work for the stage by Asturian creator Daniel Romero and it is performed by the actress Nuria Lloansi.

Daniel Romero is a multimedia creator and musician born in Avilés (Asturias) in 1978. His professional career has been focused on digital experimentation based on his knowledge about hardware-free software and interactive creation using video game engines. As a musician, under the pseudonym “dot tape dot”, he has released albums over the last 15 years on labels such as Nature Bliss (Tokyo, Japan), Other Electricities (Miami, USA), Aspic Records (Lyon, France) and SpaR.K (Barcelona, Spain) and he has given audio-visual performances all over the world.  His installation work has focused on the creation of algorithmic and generative musical systems based on real-time data processing, such as “qlux puba – music for 200 jumpers” (Arenas Movedizas 2010) or “Xixón Sound – Allegro for a fleet of buses” (Premio Arte Digital Asturiano Galería Avaart, 2013). In addition, in collaboration with graphic artist Fernando Gutiérrez, he has received the ABC Award from ARCO (Madrid, 2011) and the VIDA Award – Art and Artificial Life from Telefónica (Madrid, 2014). From 2009 to 2014 he co-directed the free radio for young people for the Youth Service of Avilés City Council. In 2013 he started up the Sound Laboratory at LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial and until recently he was responsible for the Department of Digital Creation at the National Dramatic Centre in Montpellier. Since 2008 he has worked as a sound designer, actor, and digital creator for theatre companies such as La Carnicería (Rodrigo García, Spain), Colectivo84 (Lisbon) and Luis Garay (Buenos Aires).  
In 2019 he is presenting his first work for the stage, “Le Comité”, a science fiction story that combines techniques of artificial intelligence, robotics and interactive multimedia creation in real time.

–   21:05 to 21:30. Meeting with the public

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With the collaboration of DICRéAM

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