Laura Fjäder

Feminist writer and researcher

Asturias, 1973

Laura Fjäder (Asturias, 1973) is a feminist writer and researcher with a degree in Social Work. She has focused her practice in this discipline on gender consultancy and the management of community cultural initiatives.

She is developing the project Musas Disidentes which, through poetry, feminism, visual and performing arts, seeks to generate non-normative artistic discourses. The capsules Menstruosity and EllaFeroz belong to this project and are presented to the public at Muyeres Fest (Oviedo, 2017), Museo Barjola (Gijón, 2018) and Gala Elles (Teatro Palacio Valdés, Avilés, 2018).

She is a regular contributor to current affairs publications, radio and cultural magazines. For more than a decade she has participated in ephemeral creative spaces and coordinates the feminist poetry event Lóbulo y Sentido.

She has published the collections of poems Will Scarlet no era dios (2016), Nudo de venas (2018), both from
Suburbia Ediciones, and Los insectos perfectos (Ed. Torremozas, 2019).

In 2020 he completed a residency at Laboral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial during which he developed the hybrid piece
develops the hybrid piece Lugares Anfibios (Amphibious Places). It is presented as part of the Noche Blanca programme (Plat0 Laboral Centro de Arte, September 2020) and forms part of the exhibition Arte en residencia 2020.

She is currently focusing her research on transcultural spaces of affective ecology, the taboo associated with women’s bodies in old age and their representation in the arts and literature.