Axel Antas

20 May 2006


DVD Acknowledgements: Centre d’Art i Natura. Structure for Birds (Cardinal Point), 2007. Structure for Birds (Horizon), 2007. Structure for Birds (Pyramid), 2007. C-print. 122 x 150 cm. Courtesy: Rokeby.

With a glimmer of the Romantic sublime that appears throughout the history of mountain painting, Landscape was shot, in a remote part of the Pyrenees, on the borders between France and Spain. There is a sense of a threshold between dream and waking, between vision and the presence of an equally strong obstacle to vision, as the early morning mist which almost totally veils the mountain landscape appears to lift, but then only drifts further and further across the frame.The video is accompanied by three large photographs from 
Antas’ Structures for Birds series.