10th december 2010 – 15th april 2011

Audiovisual Festival curated by Roberto Lorenzo


LABvisiónica is the seventh edition of the Festival Visiónica, curated by Roberto Lorenzo and it is framed within LABconciertos cycles that are arranged in LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial. In Visiónica each artist explores the possibilities through various methods, but we feel that we are at very exciting moment to search for new audiovisual languages and to create alternative experiences in film and video art.

Time: 9 pm
Venue: Chill-out at LABoral Centro de Arte
Free entry


December 10th

Gastronomic instalation. Miguel Serra

The Asturian chef, Miguel Sierra, will create unique and savoury experiences of his own by exhibiting his personal cooking style, reinterpreting the traditional while relying on locally-grown ingredients. He always surprises with the originality, elegance and nutritional balance of his menus. As in previous years, Miguel Sierra will also have a surprise especially for Visiónica, related to the festival’s theme.

Concert Addictive TV

The London duo Addictive Tv are pioneers of audio and video remixing. They are one of the only groups on the electronic music scene currently using one of the revolutionary DVD-J projectors.

28th January 2011

The Suicide of the western culture (Barcelona)
Da robotz (Asturias)

25th February 2011

NORMAA (Asturias)

25th March 2011

Las Casicasiotones + Adrián Cuervo (Asturias – Madrid)
Annie Hall + Rob Loren (Madrid – Asturias)

15th Abril 2011

Bueno (Asturias)
Political Personel Disaster (Galicia)

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