LABoral Mercaplana 2012

22th december 2012 – 4th january 2013

Dare to come with the little ones to enjoy the activities we have prepared

LABoral Center for Art and Industrial Creation will be present at the Mercaplana 2012 Children’s and Youth Fair, which will take place from December 22, 2011 to January 4, 2012, at the Luis Adaro fairgrounds in Gijón.

The Center will host an animated film series with a selection of films expressly conceived and adapted to children and young people. The screenings will take place every day at 6:00 p.m. in the space occupied by the Center on the premises and visitors to the Hall will be able to access them for free.

LABoral will screen a program that includes anonymous films from the early 20th century, works by the Spanish pioneer Segundo de Chomón, Czech cinema from the sixties or, also, pieces made by Gobelins, L’école de l’image, one of the most prestigious contemporary animation companies located in France.

The movies                                        
Session 1:
Svankmajer, Jan. Alice. 1h 26′

Session 2:
Pie Barba, Marcel. Five months trying to draw New York. 2′ 27″
Balej, Jan. Jedje noci v jednom meste. 13′ 59″Ballester, Arnal. La Pesca. 39″
Laboratory. In Love. 58″Cut, María. Mr. Ningú. 5′ 33″
Henriard, Florence. The Chanson de Satie. 3′ 57″Meneses, Pepón. Vida d’Asterió, named Minotaure.1′ 54″Millán, Pablo, A Meiga Chuchona. 8′ 04″

Session 3:
Eames, Charles & Ray. Tocatta for Toy Trains.13′ 39″Eames, Charles & Ray. Tops. From star of jazz. 3′ 10″Eames, Charles & Ray. Kaleisdoscope Jazz Chair. 6′ 38″Gaspar, Mercedes. Slaves. 9′ 38″
Alkabetz, Gil, Rubicon. 7′ 05″Pes. Game Over. 1′ 34″
Fornaguera, Dani. Memories. 3′ 44″

Session 4:
Fleischer, Max. Betty Boop in Parade of the Wooden Soldiers. 7′ 59″
Schwizgebel, Georges. Jeu. 3′ 58″POP GAS, Bip Bop’s vacation. 2′
Henriard, Florence. Lili et Le Loup. 4′ 30″*CRIS, Connection failures. 4′ 07″*CRIS, Untitled. 5′ 01″
Schwizgebel, Georges. “Hors Jeu” – 5′ 51″SCHWIZGEBEL, Georges. 78 Tours. 3′ 53″
Pie Barba, Marcel. The 72,024 thousandth part of any. 5′ 08″
Laboratory. I saw her in rose. 2′ 38″
Laboratory, Moby Dick. 2′ 31″

Session 5:
Selection of Osamu Tezuka (1962-1988). 2h 40m (approx.)

Session 6:
Selection of Segundo de Chomón (1903-1912). 2h 15m (approx.)

The designed program has been structured with children in mind and adapts LABoral’s discourse to children and young people.