LABconciertos (January-February-March)

31st january – 27th march 2008

New series of concerts: january, february and march)


LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial is opening its regular programme of concerts this coming Thursday, 31st January. The concerts will be held monthly on the last Thursday of the month from 8 to 10 pm and will be held in different spaces at the Centre.
With these concerts LABoral wants to provide room for the whole the breadth of peripheral brands of music combining noise with minimalism, electroacoustic with digital creation, sound art, experimentation and the use of software and hardware as musical instruments.

Organised by .tape.

Thursday 31.01.2008

Artists: .tape.(Asturias) y Sinebag (Germany)

Thursday 28.02.2008

Artists: fat16 (Asturias) y Stephane Leonard (Alemania)

Thursday 27.03.2008

Artists: Pangea (Asturias) y EVOL (Barcelona)