LABconciertos: FMM + Charades

29th may 2010

Open-air concerts of new spanish indie pop-rock bands. Afterhours dj´s sessions at Laterraza de la laboral. Curated by Luis Mayo


Indie pop-rock will be the music featured in the LABconciertos  scheduled by El Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial for this  upcoming quarter. Groups will include the Charades and Los Punsetes as well as some “old indie” surprises such as the return to the stage of Asturian group Medication and the solo work of Tito Pintado-Anti (ex-Penélope Trip).  

The concerts will be hold out of doors in different zones of El Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial on the last Saturday of every month, from May 29 to August 28, from 9:00 to 1:00 at night, entrance free of charge.

Luis Mayo, musician and radio presenter for La Radio del Principado de Asturias (RPA) of the programme “La otra dimensión,” is curator of the concerts. He has selected bands that fit with the style of his programme in which has always promoted “the most attractive and least predictable music arising within and outside of Asturias, almost always involving electric guitars, played by musicians in the league of Buddy Holly, Arthur Lee and Carlos Berlanga”.  

According to Luis Álvarez Mayo, “without entering into a discussion on the relevance or music possibility of rock-pop in the 21st century, this series does try to indirectly demonstrate that many artists in and out of our region – ones with undeniable talent – that are inspired by this kind of music when it comes time to produce their own work.” “The programme does not play what is underground, it is the underground, the do-it-yourself, art for art’s sake.” And “in 30 years they’ll see we were right.”


Time: 9 pm
Venue: LABoral Centro de Arte
Free entry