LABconcert. Edu Comelles + EVOL + Sebastien Roux

28th june 2014

Concert produced by the Sound LAB

Edu Comelles plays Conductr

Comelles is working since 2006 in sound composition. His works have been published by several labels such as Resting Bell, Berlin, Test Tube and Impulsive Habitat, Portugal and Audiotalaia, Spain. He has participated in festivals in Stockholm, Vienna, Madrid, Mexico, Bristol, London, Valencia and Barcelona,the project Cello + Laptop project (in collaboration with Sara Galan).

His work has been exhibited in the Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid, the CCCB in Barcelona, at the MUAC Mexico City, the Sierra Centro de arte or LABoral Centro de Arte in Gijón.

Hew runs the sound art festival Off_Herzios based in the city of Valencia, with Carlos Flores. He is the founder and director of Audiotalaia a platform dedicated to the dissemination and production of experimental music in Spain and also co-directs, with Juanjo Palacios, LEA Ediciones broadcasting platform focused on field recordings. He was also the curator and director of Herzios Concert Series at La Clínica Mundana between 2010 and 2012.

In his performance at LABoral will use Conductr, the first live sound driver that works for tablets from a software created by musicians for musicians.



EVOL are Roc Jiménez de Cisneros and Stephen Sharp. They produce what they call computer music for hooligans. Their work can be understood as an aesthetic exploration of algorithmic compositions and a deconstruction of the rave culture. Their works have been released by international labels, such as Entr’acte, Editions Mego, Presto!?, fals.ch or their own label, ALKU. Their work has been shown in many collective exhibitions, festivals, museums, clubs and galleries around the globe. Their recordings, installations and live performances propose a radical concept and a playful approach to the synthesis of sound, full of ascending spirals and indecipherable temporary structures halfway between psychodelia and academia.


Sebastien Roux

Sebastien Roux Started out in music as a guitar player in several rock bands and then he moved to electronic compositions. Since then he has developed an eclectic career, which includes solo albums or collaborations with musicians such as Greg David, Vicent Epplay and Eddie Ladoire, where one can find from electroacoustic music to improvisation, or even audiovisual experimentation and dance music. He has performed all over Europe, Australia and the United States in several festivals, such as Musique Action (Nancy) Nuit d’hiver (Marseilles), Netmage (Bolonia), Whynote (Dijon), Présence Electronique (Paris), Musica (Strasbourg), Net Days (Brussels), Santarcangelo (Italy), Akousma (Montreal).
Sebastian Roux works currently based on the principle of translation. He takes existing literary or visual works as the soundtrack for new works, mainly radio and electroacoustic tape works. In 2010 Roux began to experiment with the drawings of Sol Lewitt. The combination of series and simple geometrical shapes impressed Roux due to its inherent musicality. In Inevitable Music, Roux will present to the public a line of nine speakers. The session will develop based on Presents the audience with a line of 9 speakers. The life performance is made up of a collection of pieces based on Lewitt’s drawings arranged in a series of durations ranging from 10 seconds to 10 minutes.