LABafterhours: The Horses of Düsseldorf + Human Juke Box

29th january 2010

Playlist is an exhibition that aims to explore the role played by music in the adoption and manipulation, since the mid-nineties, of almost obsolete digital and analogue technologies: vinyl, old computers, gaming platforms and the like.


Within the framework of the exhibition, LABoral proposes a series of concerts in which some of the artists whose pieces will be exhibited during these months will participate along with other projects on the local and national scene.

This series of concerts, programmed by Domérico Quaranta (curator of the exhibition) and Fiumfoto, seeks to offer performances by audiovisual artists that transcend the concept of the purely musical, becoming the clearest example of the “readymade” from old electronic technology and garbage; or what is the same, the fusion of the spirit of punk and the experimentation of the electronic pioneers of the last century. The offer includes live music from “chiptunes” such as nonteNdo (USA) + Rachel Meyers (Madrid/Berlin), Goto80 (Sweden), Overbit (Asturias) and Invaders av set (Mallorca) and other types of projects that are closer to the concept of performance with artists who build their own instruments such as Fela Borbone (Asturias/Valencia), Los Caballos de Düsseldorff / LCDD (Madrid), or the presentation of the “Human Jukebox” by Chapa y Pintura (Asturias/Berlin).

The concerts will take place at LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial (Gijón) during the months that the exhibition lasts (from December 2009 to April 2010).


Hours: 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Venue: LABoral Chill-out Center for Art and Industrial Creation Admission: free