LABafterhours DJ’s: Echtra + DJ Pimp

28th november 2009


LABoral proposes in this third cycle of concerts to get closer to the figure of the DiscJockey, especially those DJs who master the art of scratch, providing the classic turntable with a new function as a musical instrument with its own personality, integrating funk, hip hop, jazz, rock, or electronic among other genres. On this occasion he will have the collaboration of Bar La Plaza de Gijón as a programmer.


ECHTRA (Asturias). Echtra tells the adventures of an anonymous hero in the Otherworld. In that other reality, chaos reigns caused by the zombie hordes; So Echtra is in charge of the soundtrack of this Apocalypse, compiling sounds that move between the darkest but also festive electronics and Kraut Rock, using analog synthesizers, drum machines, guitars, basses, effects processors and the figure. of the DJ incorporated into the group as another musician.

DJ PIMP (Asturias).Double Spanish Champion of the DMC Championship in 2007 and fifth in the world championship held that same year. In 2009 he won the DMC of Asturias in both modalities and his eclectic sessions leave no one indifferent. He has performed at various venues and festivals in our region, in national clubs in Barcelona or Madrid, and internationally such as Indigo 02 in London. His sessions include various musical styles (hip hop, funk, jazz, drum&bass, electro, rock&roll, etc.) accompanied by small doses of turntablism. On this occasion he will offer a show that starts from scratch and progressively delves fully into electronics and dance.


Time: 9:00 p.m. Place: LABoral Centro de ArteEntrance: free