La Gasayosa Study (Elena Quidielle and Juanita Zapata)

1 February 2023 – 30 April 2023

La Gasayosa is a multidisciplinary studio, open to specific participation, but formed at its base by two members: Juanita Zapata and Elena Quidiello.

Zapata, 25 years old and of Colombian origin, studied Audiovisual Communication in Madrid and works as a freelance director of short films and music videos. Quidiello, 27 years old and of Asturian origin, studied Architecture in Barcelona and works as a freelance architect for private developers and public entities.

Together they make up Estudio La Gasayosa, an artistic project that aims to find its niche and feed an active young artistic scene at a regional level.

Project in residence

Explorando el vacío

We want to explain a place, we want to portray a sensation, perhaps it would be correct to say a… mental state? an emotional situation? We wouldn’t know how to explain it… What happens when the lexicon we have is not enough to externalize a feeling? If words are not enough to describe what is happening inside us, we have to look for other ways to express ourselves, and that is where artistic expression comes in.

Emptiness is a strange feeling. By strange we mean that it is inscrutable, not that it is alien to us, because one of the most interesting aspects of the feeling of emptiness is that, despite being a totally subjective experience, it is easily recognizable for everyone.

From Estudio La Gasayosa, we want to portray the emptiness, that place we have inhabited, lived, suffered, accepted… by means of an artistic installation through which we invite the user to enter that nebulous and uncertain space and explore that feeling, but in this case, from the lucidity and certainty of being just a visitor.

Project selected in the 1st Call for Artistic Residencies 2023.