La fosa de Valdediós (instalación)

Ángel de la Rubia

29 December 2009

Photographic installation

Ángel de la Rubia is presenting an installation created specifically for the exhibition on the communal grave in Valdediós, based and inspired on the same principles as the book Fosa de Valdediós published in 2007. The graphic material is basically taken from the photographic work by the artist in and around the time when the communal grave near the monastery of Valdediós was being excavated and the human remains recovered and identified. Furthermore, it features extracts and reproductions of some documents belonging to the investigation prior to the exhumation, the subsequent forensic report, his own notes, a group photo of the psychiatric staff to which the bodies belonged (taken by Constantino Suárez in 1937) and pages from the book itself, together with a new video recorded for the exhibition.