La escalera a mi jardín y unas flores robadas

Irene Cuesta

5 April 2024

Te envío besos y flores begins as a drawing on paper of the flora that Irene Cuesta collected during a residency in Prague. There she made most of the videos and 3D scans that she later materialised at LABoral using the 3D printer. In this way, the flowers of a specific place become something tangible that can be transported and given as gifts, since they have a new materiality, in this case more resistant than their own.
During his stay at LABoral, Cuesta has reused the remains of other artists’ methacrylates to materialise his illustrations, obtaining the positives and negatives of the images by drawing on the shapes given by the material itself and its previous cuts. In this way, he generates a responsive practice that takes into account what is there to be made.