L.E.V. Festival 2008

2nd to 3th may 2008

Laboratory of Visual Electronics


L.E.V., or the Visual Electronic Laboratory, is a place where the image and electronic music come together as a new form of artistic expression in order to bring to the public eye a selection of the most interesting work being done in this field both locally and internationally by young and talented creators as well as by already established artists. 
The Festival was conceived and developed by the Asturian collective Datatrón 0x3F comprising Fiumfoto (Nacho de la Vega and Cristina de Silva) and Francisco Suárez. The Festival returns this year to celebrate its second edition thanks to the collaboration between Laboral Escena and LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial.

The Festival will be staged at LABoral Centro de Arte just as it was for its first edition, but this time two new spaces are being conjoined for the occasion: the old Laboral Church and the renovated Theatre. In 2007, the Festival featured a live audiovisual performance by Plaid & Bob Jaroc, the art work “History of Electricity” by Alexander Hacke & Danielle de Picciotto, live performances by artists such asMouse on Mars or Apparat, as well shows put on by new talents like Lego my Ego, .tape. or Fuss!. These artists are a small sample of L.E.V.’s unique artistic approach that, in this second edition, will present highly anticipated new work by artists such as M83Clark or The Black Dog as well as highly acclaimed audiovisual productions by Frank BretschneiderMonolake & Deadbeat or Synken by Transforma &O.S.T
The L.E.V. Festival is a joint production brought to you by LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, Laboral Escena and the Datatrón 0x3F collective.

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