L.E.V. Festival 2007

23th to 24th march 2007

Visual Electronics Laboratory

Coinciding with the opening of the LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Centre, the Asturian art group Fiumfoto is presenting L.E.V. Festival, the first contemporary digital art and experimental music festival ever in Asturias.

L.E.V. is an acronym for Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual [Visual Electronics Laboratory], but also the name of Lev Thermen, the Russian scientist who created Theremin, a direct forerunner of present-day synthesisers, back in the 1920s. L.E.V. is determined to eschew all the conventions currently prevailing in music festivals. It wants to address music as something more than a mere leisure element. and the spectator will be put face to face with art.

This festival will present a programme ranging from precursors of electronic music to young up-and-coming talents including: Fus, Rechenzentrum, Alexander Hacke & Daniele de Picciotto, Nathan Fake, Tape, Lego My Ego, among others.


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