So Kanno (in collaboration with Akihiro Kato y Takemi Watanuki)

13 June 2024

Kazokutchi is a digital artificial life NFT. It has an actual residence where it resides. The house is a miniature robot with a display that sits atop a pedestal. Kazokuches living in the same house are related, share the same surname, and have their initial name. 

There is a breeding season for Kazokutchi. An IC tag is affixed to the house robot, and an IC tag reader is used for mating. If the mating is successful, an egg NFT will be minted. 

Kazokutchi genes store trait information, which are mated during reproduction and passed down from generation to generation. 

Kazokutchi is a living creature with a lifespan. When it reaches the end of its life, it appears as a star on the screen, but the proof of its existence is preserved on the blockchain. 

Artificial life is made up of simulations. All of the lives there will be gone once you reset. What if it can’t be reset as in real life? This project raises this question by integrating artificial life and NFT.