Journalist for a day workshop

16th to 26th july 2007

This workshop aims to stimulate interest in current affairs, collaborative work, the child’s critical perception and skills of observation, reflection and deduction, through a series of days shared with no more than twenty participants.

On the last day, a newspaper will be printed and distributed through the tourist offices and kiosks that voluntarily join the programme. Morning visits will be combined with afternoons dedicated to writing and design. In all cases, the children will be accompanied by three monitors and the workshop coordinator.


  • To introduce participants to the artistic and technical production of printed elements.
  • To encourage the expressive capacity of the participants, both in design and in the written word.
  • To produce a newspaper whose design and writing will be undertaken by the children after getting to know the terminology and the basic concepts and conditions governing the written media.
  • To learn about the preparation of a current art exhibition, its agents and producers.
  • To establish a dialogue with artists, designers and artists, as well as with the different trades involved in the organisation of an exhibition.
  • Produce texts based on the information gathered in interviews and research.
  • Produce a newspaper as a result of their interviews, illustrations and photographs.
  • Find information about the artists and curators of the exhibition.
  • Know the steps involved in producing a newspaper.
  • Develop teamwork behaviours – Encourage the child’s critical perception and the skills of observation, reflection and deduction

Targeting: children from 8 to 12 years old

Time: from 10 am to 6.30 pm

Registration:100 €