José R. Cuervo Arango


Born in Gijón in 1947

José R. Cuervo Arango is studying Baccalaureate at the Jesuit College of Gijón and, motivated by family tradition, he studied Medicine at the University of Salamanca.

In his words: “The university years were of great importance because they provided me with a new, more liberal environment, facilitating the development of varied personal interests and contributing to making my scale of values ​​broader and more solid. A demanding task in time and effort, which crystallizes in the progressive understanding of what motivation, creativity, communication and life really is as a unitary and natural whole.

His work has been published on various occasions: in 1987 the Museum of Fine Arts of Asturias published a publication about an exhibition and in 1998 his book Photographs appeared: March 7-April 12, 1998 and in 2003 Al Otro Lado del Mirror. In 2009 he was awarded at the XL Luarca National Art Contest. As a result, a traveling exhibition of his work was held after seven years without exhibiting, as well as a publication. Art is, in its broadest sense, a celebration of being alive and an artist must project his own experiences and his attitude towards life if you want to leave behind a universal and unique message. His philosophical integration of these concepts is absolutely central to his life.