Jo Ana Morfín Guerrero


Mexico, 1979

Jo Ana holds a degree in Cultural Heritage Restoration from the National School of Conservation (ENCRyM) in Mexico City. In 2008 she obtained her Master’s degree in Curating from Sunderland University in U.K.; her research focuses on curatorial strategies for documenting and archiving time-based art events.

She is currently doing her PhD at Bristol University in U.K. Her research, entitled Unstable Documents: Archiving and Conservation Practices, is concerned with the configuration, long-term access and distribution of media-based art archives.

She has been awarded by ENDESA-FDS Spain y FONCA Mexico to undertake research activities concerned with the technology-based contemporary art collections of the Museo Reina Sofia (MNCARS), in Madrid Spain; Live Archives in Bristol University, U.K. and Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMk), Amsterdam, The Netherlands.