Izar Gayo Rodríguez

Theater artist

Born in Gijón in 1982

Since she was little, Izar Gayo had a fascination with colors and movement. For sixteen years she combined her painting classes with sports and with her participation in the folkloric group Los Collacios. Since she was a child she was curious to understand the human mind and emotions. And it was in adolescence where she decided that art would be the instrument to respond to that need. She completed a bachelor’s degree in Art applied to design and later decided to study theater at the ESAD in Asturias. Dance training was always parallel with national and international professionals such as Ana Serna, Ana Fernández, Fernando Hurtado, Koen de Preter, Daniel Abreu, Pepe Hevia, Matej Matejka among others. Her activity takes place mainly in Asturias, Madrid and the Basque Country, and in 2013 she carried out a theatrical tour for teaching purposes in the United Kingdom. For two years he was part of the team responsible for organizing the so-called Independent Artists Exhibitions in Asturias through the CAI and after twenty years collaborating and working with artists and companies of textual, physical, action, musical and dance theater, he is currently He develops his project, which he combines with teaching and collaboration in different Asturian professional performing companies.