Isabelle Jenniches


born in Germany, 1971. Lives and works in USA

Isabelle Jenniches received a Master’s degree in Theater and Film Design from the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna, and a postgraduate degree in Digital Media and Fine Arts from Media-GN in Groningen. After her studies she lived and worked in Amsterdam and Brooklyn. In 2005 she moved to the Santa Cruz Mountains in California in pursuit of a more simple and sustainable life. Jenniches has been involved in numerous theater and performance projects. In her studio practice she appropriates online cameras (webcams) to create monumental composite images. Her work has been shown internationally, including: de Balie, Melkweg and Waag Society, Amsterdam; Dutch Electronic Arts Festival (DEAF); V2, Rotterdam; Location One and The Kitchen, New York; Versionfest, Chicago; New Forms Festival, Vancouver; Plimsoll Gallery, Tasmania; Centro de Arte La Regenta, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.