Irene Trapote


Asturias, 1998

She studied Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid (2016-2020) and subsequently studied for a Master’s Degree in Research in Art and Creation at the same university (2021). She is particularly trained in the theory of spaces, ecology and feminism.

She works with and from the territory, as well as from the bodily experience, to address both material and symbolic issues of these. Her proposals tend to focus on territorial management, the present civilizational and eco-social crisis, situated knowledge, knowledge of the environment and the search for autonomy, taking the rural environment as a place of action and from a critical position with the dynamics that have been given to us in contemporary times. A look at the past and the study of non-hegemonic narratives are vital for the construction of possible futures; of devising an alternative to the monopolising management of the great metropolis.