Irene Pis

Multi-disciplinary artist

Born in Ribadesella (Asturias) in 1984.

He began his audiovisual studies in Asturias at the age of 18 and at the age of 20 he decided to move to London, with the certainty of being able to opt for a work situation that would allow him to grow intellectually and artistically. It was there that he discovered the possibility of continuing his studies at the London University of the Arts. During her time at the university she collaborated and worked on film projects produced by the Creative Skillset Academy and also for the London Film Festival.

Always attracted by a critical and sensitive gaze, it was in 2007 when she made one of her first personal works, Brutalism, combining two of her passions: architecture and film. This is how she began to feel more and more attracted to the concept of the active spectator and decided to focus her final thesis on the paradoxical search for reality in film (“The quest of thruth in film: New-Realism”).

Her audiovisual work as a cinematographer is defined by the short documentary The Elephant Without a Tail, a collaboration with Gary Mcquigging, nominated for best British documentary of 2011 in the UK by the British Film Institute. In the summer of the same year, on holiday in Asturias, she began working as an art assistant for a film by Carlos Therón, and decided to move back to her homeland.

She has also worked as a photojournalist for RTPA news. For the last two years she has worked as a waitress and bike messenger, dedicating her free time to altruistic collaborations in short films as an art director and shooting home movies on super 8mm film for the love of art.