Irene Ezquerra Lázaro

Architect and researcher

Irene Ezquerra is an architect. Since 2017 she has been working as a researcher at the Centre for Innovation in Technology for Human Development at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (itdUPM), where she has facilitated different spaces for multi-actor co-creation. At this centre, she is doing her PhD in the Organisation Engineering Programme. Her research focuses on the conditions that facilitate collaborative capacity, in terms of individual and organisational learning, in the context of ecological transition. She has participated in the design of different multi-stakeholder conversation spaces on sustainability, such as the UPM Seminars or the Agoras of El Día Después. Currently, she accompanies the Madrid City Council, and a group of social and business actors, in the revision of the Roadmap towards the climate neutrality of Madrid in 2050. The objective is to integrate the social dimension, understanding how inequality affects the achievement of the European Mission for Climate Neutral Cities and how this mission can provide a context of opportunity to improve social inclusion, democracy and participation in cities.