invisible night

5th august 2011

We insert a game, a dark box, a non-linear time.

A scenic event is being generated because we are preparing a meeting with creators from different disciplines to dialogue with the idea of ​​invisible and darkness. The result will be seen on Friday, August 5, starting at 8 p.m. Now the external does not exist and we are alien and invisible. A simulation of accidents and actions interconnected by light. Vertigo to be seen. Tours, stays, wandering between fictions and non-fictions. Labyrinths of light that absorb bodies. How to fill the light with light. What would a body do if it were invisible in space. What would a look do if it didn’t have a space to inhabit. The fact that you observe it will change the outcome. We are not a collective, we will not make a piece. How our perception deceives us. Turn off your eyes. We maintain a state of alert that suggests we rest when the space is turned off. Darkness as a consequence of reflection. An event of the moment. The utopia will be to disappear.
invisible nightIt is a performing practice with the implementation of a creation process within the framework of the Electric Nights exhibition, aiming to generate a meeting of different bodies (dance, sound, action) to make a Night as invisible as possible.

Invisible:.Tape., Samuel Akinola, Arturo Castro, Mónica Cofiño, Non Ergo, Mónica García, Tata García, Rosario Granell, Marta Medina, Abel Morán, Sara Muñiz, Sara Paniagua, Javi Pillastre, Mind Revolution
Proposes:Monica Cofiño. Elastic Fish Tank