Introductory workshop on the construction and design of interactive instruments.

1st to 3rd june 2016


  • Pure Data and Arduino, Max/MSP and Arduino and Max/MSP and Kinect interaction.
  • MIDI interfaces (interaction with Pure Data and Max/MSP).
  • Construction of virtual musical instruments (Pure Data, Max/MSP, Arduino, Kinect, MIDI interfaces).
  • Design of interactive musical instruments with Touch boards and Bare conductive.
  • Interaction with music production software (Ableton Live, Logic).
  • Construction of interactive musical instruments with Arduino.
  • Programming and construction of circuits.

Taught by: Andrés Duarte, LABoratorio de sonido
Aimed at: musicians, artists, DJ’s, designers, programmers and all kinds of people interested in building their own interactive instruments. Basic knowledge of Puredata or Max/MSP and Arduino is required (see introductory workshop on MAX/MSP, Puredata and Arduino).
Participants: 12
Duration: 12 hours.

Registration fee: 70 euros / 50 euros (with the Plataforma 0 annual membership card).
Registration deadline: 25 May.

Andrés Duarte, sound engineer, is in charge of the Sound Laboratory. He has extensive experience in the production of works of art and the technical editing of exhibitions at La Casa Encendida, El Museo Reina Sofia, El Matadero Madrid, the Centro Internacional de Cultura Contemporánea “Tabacalera” in Donostia (San Sebastián) and the Museo de Zabaleta in Jaen-Quesada (Andalusia), among others.

Activity subsidised by the Department of Culture and Sport of the Government of the Principality of Asturias.

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