Introduction workshop to professional modeling and 3D printing

28th to 29th may 2015

A 3D printer is a machine capable of manufacturing any shape, no matter how complex it may be, however, to do so it is necessary to know how to communicate with it and learn to express our ideas in three-dimensional language. This workshop offers a first contact with the creation of three-dimensional models using professional software and their subsequent physical printing with a 3D printer using FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology.

This introductory workshop to professional 3D modeling aims to create and establish foundations that facilitate the understanding of the subdivision modeling process and the workflows necessary for the creation of printable models.

The workshop focuses on reproducing and then personalizing a common clothespin, an ideal object to make a first approach to the world of digital manufacturing both from the point of view of modeling and 3D printing. Participating students will acquire sufficient knowledge to apply what they have learned to the creation of other simple objects and repeat the procedure necessary to bring them to production using 3D printing.

The Makersis a workshop and school dedicated to the dissemination and teaching of digital manufacturing through technology. They teach 3D modeling and printing workshops, as well as tailored training for those people who have a need as basic and urgent as “making things.”

Imparted by:The Makers, Madrid
Addressed to:young people and adults from 14 years old. No prior knowledge is necessary
Duration:8 teaching hours (6 hours of modeling and 2 of 3D printing)
Registration fee:150 euros (20% discount with thePlatform 0 annual membership card)

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Activity subsidized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of the Government of the Principality of Asturias