Introduction to use of fabLAB. 7th. edition

Until 30 October 2015

The digital fabrication introductory course is intended to initiate students in the use of advance digital design methods and fabrication processes in an integrated way, to make physical things from virtual data. It will focus on the design, development of construction of 1/ 20 scale prototypes in a variety of materials, focusing on the transition between computer modeling and materialization.

Students will be introduced to the different digital fabrication processes available in the market with a series of comprehensive lectures, including discussions on specific case-studies. In the class, they will be guided through the use of Rapid Prototyping and CAD-CAM fabrication devices, by following design assignments specifically conceived to develop their skills.

The course will give them the opportunity to test some of these processes, using the machines available at LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial.( CNC laser-cut, CNC milling and 3D printing).