Christian Herrera & Tamara Norniella

3 January 2010

Performance and installation.

At the opening of the exhibition Arte con fecha de caducidad, Christian Herrera and Tamara Norniella danced on a circle of earth, which remained throughout the exhibition strewn with footprints and pieces of paper with the texts read by the artists, alluding to the title of the performance: exprésate. The performance, playing with forms and words, questions the spectator about the individual’s right to express themselves with their own, different voice. But this action was only an instant, an aperitif before tasting the neo-baroque splendour3 that awaited us. Because the exhibition was mounted on states of transit, aware of the crises that are affecting us: economic, aesthetic, of representation; appealing to the theatricality of the works, to the excesses and distortions, to the impotence of any discourse, to the disorder and the fragment.