Intersection No. 5 (Horizontal Volume)

Daniel Crooks

27 April 2008

4’ 33”

Daniel Crooks’ work focuses on how the moving image reconfigures the way we perceive time and space. Transcending the usual vocabulary of video art, Crooks goes back to early photographic experiments, such as those of Eadweard Muybridge and Etienne-Jules Marey, scientific works that attempt to break down movement into frames, in a way that moves in the opposite direction to cinema. The five pieces that make up Intersection all come from the same “volume” of video material. Each video constitutes a formal variation that navigates an alternative path through the same field of light, accompanying its own ‘picture plane’ along opposite axes. Complex and beautiful, these temporal structures reveal a sensibility seemingly at odds with the prosaic nature of the subject matter. His digital images stretch and distort reality while questioning our way of perceiving it.