Interruptions / 144 Trapeziums

Vera Molnar

Until 4 August 1969


Interruptions. Computer graphic, ink, paper, 2 variations, both sole copies. 28.5 x 28.5 cm each. 144 Trapeziums. Computer graphic, ink, paper, open series, 2 images from a series of 16 variations, both sole copies. Approx. 36 x 25 cm each. Courtesy: the artist.

Vera Molnar has been using computers to make art since 1968, when she first came from her native Hungary to live in Paris. In her early computer-based work she experimented with producing series of images in which an initial order is broken up and fractured through successive algorithmic transformations.

The two images from the Interruptions series show different variations, while the two from the The Trapeze Series show two states in a number of images that represent a progressive move towards a state of increasing disorder. The latter, in particular, is an excellent example of an interactive process of positive feedback, as the end result of each of the iterations becomes the starting point for the next, producing ever greater distortion.