International Museum Day 2014

17th to 18th may 2014

LABoral has prepared programme of free activities on the occasion of the celebration of International Museum Day

On Sunday 18th May will take part the International Museum Day, under the topic The links created by the collections of the museums. In their role as narrators of the cultural heritage and the collective memory of a community, museums make a significant contribution to the development of society, linking visitors to the different types of collections.
LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial (Gijón) has organised a programme of free activities for all of the public.

Open Doors Days

The Art Centre has organised free guided visits to the exhibitions –DatascapeUniverso vídeo. La Magia de las ImágenesMark Fell. I can’t fix what you broke, 2014; and crear bosques-.
DATES: 17 & 18 May
TIME: 12noon to 7 pm

Free Guided Tours

This visits will include as well spaces of LABoral that are no usually included in the conventional tours. In this case, the public will have the chance to visit fabLAB Asturias and see how does the only digital manufacturing lab that exists in the world integrated in an Art Centre work. As a matter of fact, this weekend the Digital Manufacturing Lab of LABoral, integrated in the world network of fab labs fostered by the Center for Bits and Atoms of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), hosts a workshop addressed to children about airplane modeling and digital manufacturing techniques.
The public will have the chance to see other venues, such as Plat0, which hosts one of the activities included in the educational programme auLAB, TVLAB. An experimental TV lab that includes a communication platform and an experimental tv set where students learn how to use all the tools needed to make a tv programme. The Warehouse of transit, reception and distribution point for the works and materials used for the activity of LABoral will also be included in this tour through the work areas of a centre that has a surface 14.000 square meters.
DATES: 17 & 18 May
TIME: 12.30 noon and 4.30 pm

Vermouth session

On Sunday 18, from 12.30, there will be a Vermouth session with live music by Balcanes, at the Chill-out lounge of LABoral. Founded in Leon in 2010, they made their recording debut at Discos Humeantes with a 7” single, two songs of dense and vibrant rock: Plataforma y Autopista”. That was the prelude to their new album that is currently being launched. Plataforma includes a video by Igor Blanco Fernández, a collection of rapid and oppressive images that translate very well the sound of the song: dense and noisy rock, garage made of lead and oppression mixed with basic instruments (guitars, bass and drums).
DATE: Sunday 18
TIME: 12.30 noon

From 13.30, weather permitting, Kresy (dj set) Hivern records will be performing at the entrance to the Art Centre. Kresy started to produce electronic music in 2002, after a career in several bands of indie rock and post rock. His first references as producer are with the English micro-house label Multivitamins, and they show a clear influence of the leading sounds of that decade. He starts a new phase with the label from Barcelona Hivern Discs with the release of the song Many Man, which made it to the dj charts as Four Tet. In February 2012 he releases his first solo Lords of Percussion, mixed by internationally recognised DJs such as Nick Hoppner, Jennifer Cardini or Jimpster. As a DJ, he has performed in prestigious European clubs like Apolo in Barcelona, Panorama in Berlin or Corsica in London, and he is preparing his set live, that he will present at the parties of Hivern during this year.
DATE: Sunday 18
TIME: 1.30 pm

Artistic intervention at the Parchís square

Also on Sunday, from 5 to 7 p.m. an artistic intervention open to public participation will take place at Plaza del Instituto (Parchís square). Under the title I married a dead ice cream this radio-happening, curated by Julia Drouhin and produced by the Sound LAB of LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, consists of an ice cream cart equipped with a radio that will broadcast during two hours interventions by more than 20 international artists.

The public is invited to bring their own radio receivers to the Parchís square to tune into an audio-exhibition, where artists from all around the world will be broadcasting their pieces. In addition, the public will have the chance to taste ice creams with strange names and flavours.

This intervention is part of the programme of Spectrum, the FM radio station of LABoral which is aimed at disseminating the research about sound developed from the Sound LAB of the art centre.

Artists: Frederic Acquaviva, Patana Beretta, DinahBird & Jean-Philippe Renoult, Candie Hank, Scot Cotterell, Julia Drouhin, Xavier Gautier, Felix Kubin, Anne Laplantine, Francisco López, Alexis Malbert, Mobile Radio & Dieb 13, Mutter Lard, Ogrob, OttoannA, Sister 0, Nick Smithies, Super Parquet, Pip Stafford, Aymeric de Tapol, Valerie Vivancos, Matt Warren and Gregory Whitehead.

Julia Drouhin was born in Strasbourg. She completed a Ph.D. in “aesthetics, science and technology in art” at the University of Paris 8 in 2011. She has done performances, radio creations and installations since 2003. She coordinates the Radiophonic Creation Day with Coraline Janvier, as well as the festival Kontact sonoreS in Burgundy, France. Julia Drouhin has been a researcher for the Dark festival at MOFO (Museum of Old and New Art) in Tasmania, where she currently lives.
DATE: Sunday 18
TIME: 5.00 pm
PLACE: Parchís square

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