Interdictory Spaces

Dionisio González

30 November 2007

Site-specific installation for the Centro de Escultura Museo Antón, Candás. Digital photo, photograph siliconed on perspex and monitorised videos

The work proposed for Extensions-Anchors can be placed within the work in progress titled Cartografías para a remoçao [Cartographies for a Removal], some of whose pieces the artist showed recently at Galería Max Estrella in Madrid. On this occasion, he focuses his attention on the favelas of Sao Paulo to explore that organic, irregular and precarious architecture as a sign of identity of popular culture and of its invaluable contributions to the utilitarian meaning and construction of the city’s singular landscape, under threat by the egalitarian and characterless socio-political postulates and actions stripping its values of content and turning them into “fictional elements and even into the spark triggering a new informal planning.”

The Centro de Escultura Museo Antón in Candás is the venue hosting this exhibition. Founded in 1989 and belonging to the municipality, it shows the permanent collection of the local artist Antonio Rodríguez, “Antón”, and has exhibition galleries and a spacious garden showing work by contemporary sculptors.