Intact Workshop

23th to 25th september 2011

Teleshared actions are procedures for collaborative creation in real time. The works are produced online between two or more users by means of interactive systems or telepresence. These expanded performative practices generate new spaces, languages and narrative forms. The possibility of the “body-less” message. And all of this founded on a basic concept: transform space into time.

The workshop consists of teleshared actions which give an incentive to experimentation and critical reflection in relation to remote communication processes.

The workshop has as its main participants: María Domínguez Alba, Manuel Terán, ErnestoGarcía and Sara Malinarich, who collaborate in the areas of lighting, use of camera, video, sound, plastic, action, contents, interfaces and documentation. At distance, experiments are carried out, co-authoring with Alexandre Berthier from Canada and Vicente Pastor from Portugal, who will interact in real time with the participants by means of video conference systems and other software.

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