Ines G. Aparicio

Filmmaker and photographer

Asturias, 1990

Inés G. Aparicio has a degree in fine arts and is specialized in education and development cooperation.

In continuous movement. Barcelona, ​​Buenos Aires, Porto and Madrid are some of the cities that he most liked to live in, but above all places there is the Sahara. The Sahrawi refugee camps are where he has spent the longest time developing his personal and professional activity. He has been a teacher at the Abidin Kaid Saleh Film School, participated in filming, been part of the FiSahara team and the Bubisher project.

In 2020 she returned to Asturias and lives in Gijón, she works as an editorial layout designer and in the creation of audiovisual material, and she also participates in the MUSOC coordinating team. Meanwhile, she combines her activism in different social causes with the development of personal and collective projects that range from radio to collage, including photography and film. Most of her works are linked to migration and memory recording, highlighting her co-direction of the film Leyuad