Inductor. Workshop about cognitive processes, perception and sound languages

Until 20 November 2016

This workshop deals with the recording and amplification of sound and electromagnetic activity through modulation of the fundamental frequencies that, owing to their nature, the human ear is unable to pick up.

Participants will be working with techniques and tools designed for listening to and receiving signals and frequencies outside our hearing range. They will construct and modify different kinds of antennae, amplifiers, microphones and recording systems, as well as VLF/ELF receivers, ultrasounds, high frequency receiving systems, electromagnetic detectors, and converters of light to sound and hydrophony.

The aim is to provide a theoretical-practical approach in which participants will learn the basic concepts of working with D.I.Y. electronics and free software and hardware.

Intended for: creators, engineers, hackers, students of fine arts and industrial design, and the general public. The participants can take away the materials that they use. There will also be reading material available. No previous knowledge is required although more advanced participants may use the tools and devices for their own investigations and share their work with the group

Times: Saturday and Sunday, from 10am to 2pm.

Place: the sound LABoratory, LABoral

Participants: 12

Registration: this activity is free.

Taught by: Víctor Mazón Gardoqui, artist and educator. His work centres on questioning and experimenting with the limits of perception, altered states and vulnerability using light and sound by means of electronic devices which he has produced himself.