“In Search of a Story”, 8-part journal by K.D.

Goldin + Senneby

Until 20 October 2009

Weekly journal printed in El Comercio.

Text: K.D. Illustration: Johan Hjerpe. Reading area: Ángel Borrego Cubero. Acknowledgements: Dr. Angus Cameron acts as spokesperson for Goldin + Senneby during the international symposium Feedforward. The Angel of History. In Search of a Story by K.D. was first published in Portuguese in the weekly newspaper 28b, part of the 28th São Paulo Biennial

“In Search of a Story” is part of Headless, a multi-tiered project in which Goldin + Senneby self-reflexively investigate a real offshore company called Headless, Ltd. to explore the actual virtualization and globalisation – or de-territorializing – of capital. “In Search of a Story” is the purported journal of K.D. – serialized in eight parts in the Asturian newspaper El Comercio – about the writing of her forthcoming novel, Looking for Headless. Goldin + Senneby create parallel worlds of authorial ambiguity and evasive capital, elaborating a network of believable persona to suggest the fictional corporality of global capitalism.