Ignacio Álvarez Fernández

Photographer, musician, music producer and creator

Born in Oviedo

After studying Psychology at the University of Oviedo, his hometown, he moved to Barcelona to study photography. He graduated from the IEFC (Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya) in 2007, specializing in Entertainment Photography, and completed his final year project on Flamenco in Barcelona, ​​which is exhibited at the IEFC, at the CCBesòs as part of the festival. (In)Fusión Flamenca and at the Gitano Center of La Mina, as part of the activities of the Barcelona April Fair. Since 2012 she combines her commercial work of still photography and event photography with her personal work, which acquires an experimental language, working in post-photography and photo and video collage.

As a musician and music producer he is a member of Caracas Musicolectivo, where he combines his personal work with various joint projects, from space and krautrock to electronic music.soundcloud.com/drmilton

He is the creator of soundtracks for artists such as Rafael Arocha, Ivan Guarnizo or Ana Belén Jarrínvimeo.com/anabelenjarrin