Sidney Fels

17 July 1997

Sidney Fels / 1997 / Canada Interactive multimedia environment

Iamascope is an interactive art piece that produces a multi-media experience. It uses a video camera lens as the eye of a kaleidoscope and projects a kaleidoscopic image of the participant onto a large screen. A vision subsystem is coupled to the electronic eye to control musical tones using a sustain algorithm. The video data is placed in texture memory where it is mapped using mirror reflections onto the geometry.

Once inside Iamascope, participants can gesture, dance, sing and speak to control and choreograph the imagery and music in real-time. Both the audience and the performer experience a rich aesthetic interactive experience.

Iamascope creates striking imagery and sound. By applying image processing to the kaleidoscopic image, the participant’s body movements directly control the music in a beautiful symmetrical dance with the image. The responsive nature of the whole system allows users to have an intimate, engaging, satisfying, multimedia experience.