I love my time, I don’t like my time

Erwin Wurm

18 April 2003

Video. 8’ 40”

In the framework of his ongoing exploration of the limits of sculpture, the dimension of performance or the nature of objects, Erwin Wurm has, at various moments, focussed on the automobile. One of his best known and most celebrated pieces is Fat Car, a sports car that has been fattened and endowed with human organs. The alteration performed on the car runs parallel to a process of “humanisation” of the object, a man- machine combination. The piece enters his general strategy of freeing a daily object from its standardised references in order to take it towards a sphere in which, even though we continue recognising it as such, possesses a strange new nature. A nature remitting to the clichés and values of our society, including those that this man-machine object alludes to: consumption, excessive spending, comfort. In the video on display, I love my time, I don’t like my time, Fat Car gives a monologue alluding and remitting to a state of anxiety and confusion, but also to a feeling of absurdity and irrationalism that has much to do with the prevailing frame of mind in our society.