I Asturias Desktop Publishing Conference

27th december 2013

Presentations, a fanzine market, music and a projection will be the focus of the activities.

The First Asturias Self-Publishing Conference aims to be a starting point to establish a network of different creators who are dedicated to publishing publications from the premise of DIY [English acronym for Do It Yourself]. The initiative is also a way to relate the Asturian Artists Archive with this type of work that moves between illustration, text editing and subversive information and will show both digital and printed fanzines that exist in the collections of the LABoral Media Library_Archive.

Throughout the day, the animated short How to Make a Fanzine will be projected in a loop, which Elena Duque made in 2010 for the Autoplacer festival (from CA2M), with the help of Jerseys para los Monos.

Concert: Flüjendorf projector, with live sounds that become visible by generating vibrations in a fluid. These sounds are created from various instruments: didgeridoo, kalimba, guitar, percussion, korg kaoos, korg microkorg, nasal whistle, flute, fujara, kou xiang, bansuri…
Time: 6 p.m.

Organize:Orphidal and Nova Scotia
Participate:La Flecha Negra, Temporal zine, Aborto Fanzine, Almendra Mística, Peñita Brava, Soma Records zine and El cosmonauta tropical