Hydrophone manufacturing workshop

This workshop is an introduction to DIY/homemade microphones, by building hydrophones.

26 November 2016

Microphones are most essential in the process of sound recording. Even if the market offers several types of microphones, depending on their technical specifications and applications, we can also manufacture our own microphones, which is easy and affordable.

A hydrophone is an electro-acoustic transducer that turns sound vibrations that exist as pressure within the water into electric energy. A hydrophone enables us to record any sound phenomenon in water and underwater environments.

These capturing systems, that are a key tool in the study of seismic energy and movements, as well as in the analysis of the behaviour of sea animals, are also a very valuable instrument for contemporary art practices.

Conducted by: Juanjo Palacios, phonographist and sound artist, and Andrés Duarte, head of LABoral’s SoundLAB.

Addressed to: Sound and multimedia artist, and all those interested in sound, sound landscapes, field recordings and listening as creative practices.

Participants: 10. Participants that have a portable recorder are encouraged to bring it along.

Deadline for registration:18 de November 18, 2016

Fee: 30 Euros.