Huba Iterform


5 April 2024

Polypores are a group of fungi that form large bodies attached to tree trunks. Thus, they are called bracket fungi or shelf fungi. Most of them feed on wood, although some species inhabit the soil, forming mycorrhizae with trees.

In traditional medicine they are used to prevent or cure infections, which is curious if we consider that some species of polypores cause wood decay. These fungal bodies are the starting point for Chylo’s sculptural installation Huba Iterform (2024), a play on words that combines ‘Huba’, the popular Polish name for fungi, with ‘Iter’ from the Latin ‘journey’ and ‘form’, shape. Thus a journey among the polypore forms, the search for forms that, like the fungi kingdom, need their own classification. Huba Iterform is a modular ecosystem that changes its shape and adapts to different environments. Its presentation in the exhibition is only the beginning of its mutability.