How Ai Live disembodied 

Marleine Van Der Werf in collaboration with Antoine Bertin

25 May 2024

3 channel video-installation 

What if you had no physical body? How would that feel? The 3 channel video-installation: How AI live disembodied (2024) explores this experience from an AI, human and scientific perspective. This project has been created in collaboration with AI that generated a film about feeling disembodied and true stories of people that have cotard syndrome in which they loose the sense of their body. 

This work is part of the longterm multidisciplinary project: “Disembodied”, in which the artist collaborates with renowned scientists in the field of disembodiment and people with lived disembodied experiences to produce artistic experiments and explore the connection to our biological body. 

In our ever-changing technological world where AI, Neuralink and exoskeletons are the new frontiers, by producing these multi-sensory experiments we give an ode to our biological body.


Artwork included in the exhibition Millennials, the media art of Generation Y.