Mónica Rikić (In collaboration with Gema FB Martín)

14 May 2023


Hipèrbole (2023) is a mechanical and algorithmic experiment dedicated to design and develop an alternative cognitive machine, built from handcrafted electronics. This machine intentionally diverges from the predominant use of mainstream AI techniques, such as Machine Learning. Instead, it aspires to be recognized by the audience as cognitive, emphasizing its operational characteristics and code structure. Unlike other proposals at the intersection between AI and art, which often focus on the creative potential of machines, this project investigates and experiments with the essential characteristics that artificial cognitive systems must possess in order to be recognized as existing, conscious organisms. Only after this process of autonomy of technical systems can we genuinely discuss the creativity of machines. 

The main cognitive processes in the machine follows two paths: 

1. The structure and execution of its code (algorithmic computation). 

2. How this structure and execution manifest themselves in its physical composition (physical computation). 

In this installation, both the code and the machine are visible to the audience.The main goal of the proposal is to challenge the predominant role of spoken and written language in cognitive expression and human-machine communication. Particular emphasis is placed on embodied expression through its handcrafted robotics configuration. The primary artistic strategy for experimentation involves designing diverse mechanical personalities that allow the devices to communicate and assume roles, encouraging audience recognition as similar and different, but non-threatening. The ultimate goal is to evoke perceptions of existence and consciousness in these mechanical organisms. 

Artwork included in the exhibition Millennials, the media art of Generation Y.