Guillermo Román Méndez

1 February 2019 – 31 December 2019

Born in Gijón, his affection for craftsmanship began when he accompanied his grandparents in their love of working with leather and wood. His subsequent academic training as a translator, interpreter, teacher and small steps in computer engineering did not intuitively point to the adoption of ceramics as a means of expression, but curiosity for the process and admiration of the simple and expressive lines of Danish, Japanese and national ceramists led him, without pretension, to an introductory course at the Universidad Popular de Gijón taught by Toni Soriano. He fell in love with the medium and its processes quickly and deeply.

Project in residence

Desarrollo de Esmaltes Texturizados

Project that develops a collection of ceramic enamels and pieces with different levels of texturisation that meet the demanding needs of professional use in catering while presenting finishes with rich, irregular and unique textures. The aim is to obtain pieces that are co-protagonists of the culinary experience, a new tool to give character to the dish designed by the chef.