Greedy Bastard

Oscar Narud

21 January 2005


The project came about when prompted to build something exploring the abilities of Rapid Prototyping technology, in principle a 3D printer that reads CAD files and lays down successive layers of liquid or powder, and in this way builds up the model from a series of cross sections. The advantage is that you can create complex structures that cannot be replicated in any other industrial process. The Greedy Bastard exploits this fully through a set of hollow internal passages and cavities restricted in its “path” only by its outer shell. The actual object is a character that is to be played as a 3D maze. You feed him small ball bearings only to then safely navigate them through his body, avoiding pitfall cavities and wrong turns in the duodenum only to “exit” at the other end. The character is accompanied by a little cartoon to create a story around him.