Gijón Magnética


2 February 2008


The installation presents a chaotic assemblage of electric/electronic objects, commonly found in the houses of the 21st century. The inherent order behind this chaotic assemblage is revealed by the electroprobes. The various objects are arranged by their electromagnetic tunes in order to create a magnetic “orchestra” that the user is able to hear with the probes. Troika wanted to reveal their dreams and inaudible dialogues, while creating an alternative taxonomy of the objects in an apparently chaotic sound organ. Electronic objects have a wide range of electro-tunes: a fridge is bassy and warm, so is a TV screen. A LED display board sounds like medium rain. You can also find percussion in the electromagnetic realm: a wireless telephone will pulse hard bass beats, clocks with seconds will provide damp strokes, the soundscape created by this apparently chaotic sound organ is various, intriguing and ever-changing.